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weddings Archive

  • kristin & andrew: phoenix, arizona

    kristin & andrew: phoenix, arizona

    kristin and andrew were an amazing couple (who were both living in the san diego area when i met them)...
  • “Weddentity” – Wedding Branding At Work

    “Weddentity” – Wedding Branding At Work

    I read an article a little while back, written by a groom graphic designer who approached his wedding planning as...
  • kim & chris: new york, new york

    kim & chris: new york, new york

    this is long, long, LOONG overdue, but here’s the first of many client featurettes, showcasing the wonderful people we get...
  • give, give, giveaway!

    give, give, giveaway!

    soon after we got our lovely little etsy shop (and stand-in online store for the time being) up and running,...
  • latest & greatest… #2

    latest & greatest… #2

    next, cindy and jayson – another amazing couple with their own wonderful story. having already been married in a quick...
  • some of our latest & greatest… #1

    some of our latest & greatest… #1

    it’s been a little while since we’ve added to our online portfolio, so here’s some eye candy for all of...
  • a wonderland wedding

    a wonderland wedding

    i’m having an awesome, awesome time working with one of my clients on her fantastical backyard garden wedding, channeling lewis...
  • eco-BEAUTIFUL!


    just in time for the holidays… and well.. honestly, any upcoming life event that warrants sending beautiful correspondence, we are...
  • destination somewhere

    destination somewhere

    while the recession has made everyone a little more budget conscious over the last year+, when it comes to weddings,...
  • totally piratical, matey

    totally piratical, matey

    i can’t say that i’ve ever had the pleasure of putting together pirate themed invitations before, but thanks to jarma...