our faqs

our faqs

when should i start the ordering process?

we recommend at least four months in advance, in order to provide plenty of time for the consultation and development phases of the process. the latter is usually the most time consuming. as soon as you have finalized your plans though (dates, locations, quantities, etc.), you might want to get things underway just to avoid any seasonal or last minute rush.

when should i mail out my invitations?

send them six weeks prior to the wedding at the very least. here’s how we break it down…

counting back from your special day, you should allow yourselves at least one week to process through the rsvps and forward the necessary numbers to your venue. from that, guests should have at least one month (4 weeks) to make their decision. and finally, incorporate at least one week to allow for mailing or shipping transit times. you may adjust accordingly from there.

can i have the envelopes first?

absolutely! because some people prefer to have extra time to prepare their envelopes beforehand, we are more than willing to accommodate in any way we can. all applicable shipping and handling charges will apply.

do you do rush orders? i’m running behind schedule!

yes, we can take care of most rush orders depending on the complexity of your project, and the quantity you need. we will use our skills and experience to help direct the process appropriately to meet your deadline. however it is your responsibility to help us make this possible by promptly responding to any and all proofing questions and issues that arise*. a 20% rush charge applies.

*bamboo star studios is not responsible for any mistakes after the client approves the proofs. so please make sure to check all proofs thoroughly and carefully!

how much does it cost?

the majority of what we do is custom to our clients. consequently, we do not have  preset pricing for most of our products, namely wedding invitations. if you can dream it,  we can do it (within reason of course)!  but it’s only after we sit down with you, uncover your needs, identify the complexity of your project, and reach a better understanding of what the process will entail, that we will be able to provide a price quote.

for pricing information on any of the fine art items shown in our portfolio (if not listed on the page), please contact us!

what is your cancellation policy?

here at bamboo star studios, we understand that life is unpredictable, and that situations can change at any moment. and while we hope our clients don’t have to cancel their orders, we understand if it’s necessary.

clients who cancel their order before the project has gone to press* will be charged a 30% cancellation fee, plus any costs that the client may have incurred up to that point. unfortunately, once it has gone to press, we are unable to cancel the order and the remaining balance must be paid in full.

* please note that orders go to press within 24 hours of a client’s proof approval

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