birthday construction zone

birthday construction zone

we love mixing things up every now and then, so when megan set me loose on her son’s birthday invitations i dove right in! he’s turning 3? let’s do it!! construction themed party? no problem!! dump trucks, cranes, earth movers and more? of course! can you put your own little twist on it? ALWAYS!

a little while ago we shared this sneak peek right after the paper portion came off press. i was just too excited not to! the colors just popped right off the page, caution tape and all! but that was not quite the end of it… i had bigger plans for these puppies :) .

BOLTS! and not just bolts, but screws too! what 3 year-old-to-be could resist “real” hardware?? admittedly, i was having a hard enough time leaving them alone myself!! (ever since i was a kid, i’ve  been obsessed with power tools, constructing things from the ground up, and of course taking things apart)

happy birthday little man! i hope you loved these as much as we did! i know your mama put a lot of thought into making this the PERFECT construction zone shin-dig for you! looks like she was off to an absolutely amazing start! i was just over the moon to have the chance to help! :)


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