lending a hand in the wedding biz

lending a hand in the wedding biz

one of my favorite things about being in this crazy wedding world, are all the amazing people who make the wedding industry what it is… the vendors and professionals who strive to create the most incredibly memorable experience for their couples and clients, who go the extra mile because they love what they do, who do everything they can to make someone’s “big day” success, their every day.

each and every one of them are driven entrepreneurs, pursuing a passion and not only making their clients dreams come true, but their own as well. yet, while they’re out crusading for that picture perfect wedding, many times they haven’t had the time to focus on themselves. and from a graphics and branding standpoint, consequently, i’ve had the pleasure of coming into the picture to help out for just those reasons.

before diving head first into the wedding biz, my design background was immersed in the corporate sphere. branding, corporate identity, publications, etc. and it’s actually something i still do in addition to invitations and special events… just not as fun to blog about ;) .  i had never considered blending the two sides of bamboo star studios, until i was talking to a wonderful local wedding coordinator (who has since become a very dear friend) meaghan schmaltz of weddings made splendid. i wish i had a before shot, but on our quest to update her brand with a touch of elegance, this is part of what we ended up with…


from there.. things have snowballed. the latest in the pipeline, a top to bottom revamp for the ever-amazing, and also very dear to my heart, brenda swann of swann soirees. a softer, warmer, more wedding-centric, wedding-friendly side of the brand. of all the items we’re tackling, we got the first pieces off press recently – updated business cards for the girls in the swann squad! they turned out beautifully, and are now packed up and ready to head to their new homes this weekend. :)


but back to the heart of the matter… i’ve always loved to lend a hand whenever necessary. and in this case, with every opportunity or inquiry from my fellow wedding pros, i am not only humbled and honored by their trust, but also energized by the fact that i have a chance to make their lives easier, do it well, and most importantly, do it RIGHT.

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