our commitment to mother earth

our commitment to mother earth

** we realized very recently that we hadn’t actually broadcast our GREEN, eco-friendly policy anywhere on our website. i didn’t really think it mattered as i’ve always believed that actions spoke louder than words. but while that isn’t entirely a necessity, these days people DO care, and they ARE looking for ways to make a difference (hallelujah!). so what started as an effort to create a basic page outlining our commitment to mother earth… turned into this. **

i’ve been eco-conscious for as long as i can remember… even before it was the hip thing to do. growing up i remember making sure i didn’t wave my tree-hugger flag too high to avoid potential ridicule from the other kids at school. i just quietly exercised my activism at home. as kids, my sisters & i would sit in the pouring rain collecting water from the house’s downspouts in the name of water conservation (there are pictures somewhere.. and if i ever find one, i’ll definitely share :) ). we recycled fastidiously, and even got a little extra pocket change out of it. we tried composting back then too, after seeing it on an episode of reading rainbow, but never quite got it right.

these days my husband calls me the recycling nazi, as i meticulously comb through anything that gets remotely close to our garbage. on certain occasions, i’ve even been known to climb into our community dumpster to fish out cardboard and other recyclables in order to toss them in their proper recycling bin. we’ve changed all our light bulbs to the energy-saving compact florescent, and have purchased energy-star appliances. a few years ago we started composting with worms to cut down on our organic waste. and whenever we find our next home, i’m hoping for solar panels or at least a white roof… and i’ve already decided i’m planting a victory garden (inspired by the ever-amazing todd and diane of white on rice) in place of a traditional yard, taking the concept of “eating local” completely to heart.

so it was only logical that i apply that energy and attitude in greening the world, into this business.

last month i had the complete honor of becoming an eco-beautiful weddings certified vendor, and have loved every minute of it. i learn a little something new every day, from others that are also looking to make the industry earth friendly!

we are also very excited to partner with GreenShipping.com (and THEIR partnership with the Bonneville Environment Foundation (BEF) to purchase US-based wind power as carbon offsets) in order to offset the affects of any shipping activity – orders leaving our studio, as well as any shipments coming in, ..rendering at least that part of the business, carbon neutral.

there are a number of other measures we have taken as well, in our fight to save the planet. and i know there is a lot more we could be doing too. slowly but surely, we’ll add those to our list as well. but every day, we’re making and reaffirming that commitment to mother earth… and we encourage you to do the same.

(beautiful organic & locally grown wedding bouquet, photo credit to mint & sage photographic artists, originally captured by the lovely dog n’ bird, and seen in ashley’s bride guide)

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