it’s official: our first bridal show!

it’s official: our first bridal show!


earlier this month i had the pleasure of receiving an invitation to exhibit at orfila vineyards in escondido, for their very first bridal show in april.  i had to read the email over a few times before i actually believed it. we were out of town on vacation. i was checking email just to stay somewhat apprised of what was going on with the biz back home.. and the message popped up looking completely like something that slipped past my spam filter. i’m just happy i didn’t send it there on my first look :) .

and as of this morning, it’s OFFICIAL: i’ve accepted, and will have my own little table and setup for their show april 11th, from 12-4pm. it’s completely free to the public, and should be a pretty neat experience… a big first for me, and what i hope to be the continuation of an incredible start to 2010!

not sure how they found me, but regardless i’m completely honored! and to be honest.. i’m also quite nervous, never having done anything like this ever before. HECK, i never even attended a single bridal show when i was planning my OWN wedding!

but i’m not a saleswoman. in-your-face sales people make me excruciatingly uncomfortable.. and consequently i’ve never taken that route myself. i just love making people: be that my family, friends, clients, everyone around me, happy. and from a business perspective, i do whatever i can in order to make it happen for my clients.. to make their vision a reality. up to this point, i like to think that that attitude and level of customer service has been the core of my grass-roots, almost ENTIRELY referral based marketing “campaign”.

… but on the flip side, in order to move forward, to succeed in this industry, to grow.. i know i need to change that… and perhaps this is the gentle shove i need to better learn those skills.

hope to see you all there!

(and for another fabulous look at the winery.. from a completely different perspective, check out this absolutely awesome trash the dress session our friend evan bishop shot there a couple years ago)

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