bic & henry: saratoga, california

bic & henry: saratoga, california


i met bic nearly a year before her wedding day, on a cold, blustery, bay area afternoon in an emeryville starbucks. a girlfriend had recommended us to her, and she was excited to get things rolling! she, and her fiancee henry had met through mutual friends on a skiing trip, and of course the rest is history. after we armed ourselves with steaming hot coffee and tea, we started laying out the vision for their wedding invitations, save the dates, and everything else!


outside of this playful, anime-inspired, tongue in cheek save the date (which was so incredibly appropriate given the  awesome fun-loving couple they are), the overarching theme for the big day revolved around a painting that she had fallen in love with years ago, which was now hanging in her office in san francisco. central to the artwork were various beautiful birds – sparrows, swallows, a heron and an elegant peacock front and center. combined with her love of butterflies, everything started coming together. the painting was included in every printed piece we worked on, serving as the focal point in a big, big way.

(photo credits to chung li photography)

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