speaking of french & asian touches…

speaking of french & asian touches…

here’s another project in progress. seems that the french+chinese connection is booming over in my little corner of the world…. who knew?

janice and guillame are a lovely couple in montreal, who sent me this photo of their reception venue, and the request that their invitations match the overall color scheme laid out in the banquet hall, emphasizing also on a simple, modern, youthful feel.


after reviewing a number of options in our existing portfolio, they fell in love with these marvelously mod cats. a  working closely with janice, we modified things slightly to fit her vision, including dropping in some chinese wedding tradition with the double happiness symbol, and providing french and chinese translations. no english whatsoever… truly a first for me, especially since i don’t speak or read a lick of french.

but no matter, we’re making it happen for them! here’s a quick sampling of how things look so far!


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