color, color everywhere

color, color everywhere

Ok, well not EVERYWHERE…. But color schemes do play a huge role in all big events such as weddings. And as the first hint of what is to come, the invitation showcases to your guests what is in store.

While contrasting colors provide a tried and true, beautiful effect, this year monochromatic schemes are taking weddings by storm. Choosing a single color, and all of it’s various incarnations allows all kinds of options. For example, layering multiple blues from navy to turquoise to french blue becomes a vibrant rainbow of it’s own. Similarly, varying shades of yellow from gold to lemon to a soft sunshiney tint create a lovely, cheerful look.

Speaking of which, another color trend this year can be found in your orange and yellow hues. Both are incredibly versatile, appropriate for both casual, festive events and more formal, black tie affairs. Don’t be intimidated by orange! There are wonderful ways to make your stylish, bold statement with a bright tangerine, a deep rust, and every shade in between. They all can be paired nicely with pinks, any type of blue, bright white, and then some. In terms of yellow, on top of the aforementioned idea, a dynamic contrast with black is also very chic and brings a contemporary air of sophistication. It’s not just for bees anymore!

(bouquet in photo, credit: whimsey florals)

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