it’s in the details

it’s in the details

As everyone scrimps and searches for the next best way to simplify and save, one of the foremost questions these days is — how do we still make our event special without going overboard and over budget? Well, when it comes to the invitations, it’s all in the details.

While we all know how exciting it can be to receive a dressy invite packaged so neatly in a pocket enclosure, wrapped in ribbon, or even resting in a fancy satin box. But if all those moving parts are an issue, monetarily or not, there are many ways to make that plain vanilla card pop with vibrancy!

It all started with corner rounding, where invitation and consequent inserts have their sharp corners rounded off. Not only is this a simple, elegant touch, but it also makes each piece wonderfully unique!

Another process, is something called edge painting*, where the edges of the cards are hand-painted in a highlight color as a contrast to the clean natural surface of the paper. Originally a technique reserved for the highest quality hand-bound books (where the pages were often gilded in gold), this is now a fantastic way to subtly showoff your attention to detail.

Back printing is also yet another technique to take that standard card up to another level. Rather than leaving the reverse side of a given invitation blank, why not dress it up with a wash of color, or a lovely floral or damask pattern, both of which never really go out of style.

* used primarily in letterpress invitations due to the thickness of the paper

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