“Weddentity” – Wedding Branding At Work

“Weddentity” – Wedding Branding At Work

I read an article a little while back, written by a groom graphic designer who approached his wedding planning as if it were one of his clients. And what do most clients look for, when they’re talking to artistic types like us? ..corporate identity, that magical “something” to unify the look and feel of their company, their business outlook, their ideals, their BRAND.

Wikipedia defines corporate identity as “the persona of a corporation which is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives. It is usually visibly manifested by way of branding….”

But enough of that business-speak shtuff, and back to the fun!

Mr. Groom was really on to something, and that concept (which, from here on out, I’ll refer to as “weddentity” in order to wipe ourselves clean of that uptight, money-grubbing corporate feel) has snuck into my wedding work time after time after time… and in my opinion, all for the better! Yes, you have your designated wedding color scheme, and yes you have your  “theme” picked out – from sunny, beachy, goodness to sophisticated vintage flair. But why stop there?

Starting with save-the-dates, hinting to your guests-to-be what fabulousness is to come, giving a little more with your invitations, and then rounding it all off with matching programs, menus, table numbers and thank you cards — it’s all part of the planning, a part of completing the puzzle giving everyone the big picture, a part of your weddentity as a new couple. Creating a complete suite of items complementing the rest of your special day can really make that difference and provide that subtle exclamation point on the entire wedding experience for you AND your guests.

Your wedding day is an extraordinary, never-to-be-forgotten package from beginning to end. So while you are meticulously putting together all of the personally meaningful, exquisite details, take it one step further to create your own weddentity, to tie it all together!

real wedding, real client: evelyn & vincent | san francisco, ca
(photo credits: henry shoots & vivian kwok)

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