latest & greatest… #2

latest & greatest… #2

next, cindy and jayson – another amazing couple with their own wonderful story. having already been married in a quick ceremony, they wanted to throw a small reception celebration as a formality for close friends and family.

working closely with cindy’s vision, and her desire to keep things simple and sophisticated, we incorporated a red floral graphic on both the front and back of the card. placing the focus on a beautiful rose in one corner of the invitation, the reverse showcases the forest of flowers and vegetation in the red color scheme, all surrounding a classic monogram. (side bar, trend alert: this type of back printing is actually one of the hot new trends for the coming year! niffty ay?) as an additional, subtle touch, edge painting (also in a brilliant red) was used on each of the pieces.

simple, sophisticated, and absolutely extraordinary. mission accomplised!


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