it’s in the details: place cards & escort cards

it’s in the details: place cards & escort cards


after cleaning up the cobwebs and streamlining things on my server, i came across a bunch of photos that i hadn’t had a chance to share with you yet. and it got me thinking about all the other lovely paperie that help make an event or wedding day absolutely complete. sure, when it comes to stationery, the invitations are the meat and potatoes — the main attraction if you will. but in so many cases, it’s the little details and supporting cast of characters throughout the rest of the day that help bring everything together.

SO starting with the smallest of the small — escort cards and place cards :) .


there’s always a bit of confusion as to which does what, and why you need one or the other or any at all for that matter. to make it easy, here’s the breakdown: ESCORT CARD – name & table information, PLACE CARD – name (& meal information if necessary).

traditionally, escort cards greet your guests on their way into the reception area, indicating which table they’ve been assigned to. once they find said table, the place cards (again showing each respective guests’ name) are found at whichever seat is reserved in their honor. where a plated dinner is being served, this is also a prime place for everyone’s menu selections to be displayed. the alternative to the escort cards of course, is to use a seating chart and leave the place cards where they sit at the table.

these days, as the wide world of wedding trends away from tradition the lines have blurred a bit as to what to do and where things go. the most common thing i’ve seen is that all the information is combined into a single item which each guest carries with them back to their seat… which they determine on their own when they get there. an open seating free for all? sure why not! just make sure your guests’ display their escort/place card in a prominent spot so it’s not only easier for them to meet their neighbors, but also for the wandering wait staff to match the right person with their dinner.

depending on the number of guests you have attending, there are a number of creative ways you can set up and display your escort cards. the easiest, more traditional method would be to use a flat or tented card and arrange everything alphabetically across a table. however, the possibilities really are endless! hang them from a tree, pin them to a board, or in these examples — prop them up using any number of unique items  ..or set them on fire with their own personal candle! as with all things, the beauty in these little gems is that you have the freedom to make them with whatever style, flair or details that you like.. which truly make them your own exclamation point for the rest of your amazing day!


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