hyun & joseph: old poway park, california

hyun & joseph: old poway park, california


it’s incredible to think how quickly time flies by! one of our 2011 couples, hyun and joseph celebrated their 1st anniversary this week. ONE YEAR!! and what an eventful year it’s been :) ! in honor of this milestone, we thought we’d share some of the amazing imagery from their beautiful day in old poway park, courtesy of their uuber talented photographer, evan bishop of evan bishop photography.



absolutely STUNNING! love the rustic touches throughout the park.. from the old railroad cars, wrought iron details, & wood facades to the wildflowers & beautiful stonework, and ESPECIALLY how they all contrast so elegantly against hyun in her gorgeous dress and feather fascinator, and joseph looking dapper in his black suit. here are a couple of my favs..


i suppose i should also briefly touch on the their fabulous ideas and details that we also put into their paperie! (promise, this will be quick, so we can get back to all the amazing imagery ;) ). as is the beauty with custom projects, both hyun and joseph were excited to incorporate unique personal touches. and after some discussion we came up with a number of lovely ways to do just that. red lanterns were going to be playing a large part in the decor throughout the day, so to bring things together we used stylized lanterns on both the front and back of their invitation, with the largest highlighted with the chinese double happiness character. and as a fun nod to their korean and chinese heritage, not only did we include their names in their languages (korean for hyun and chinese for joseph), we also designed chibi-style caricatures of the lovely couple wearing their respective traditional wedding outfits.

ultimately, our little chibi couple made appearances throughout their day-of stationery as well as on the favors which were given to guests — custom M&Ms. not just tags attached to the little boxes.. but ON the M&Ms themselves. how awesome is that??

ok, back to lusciously beautiful photography..

hyunjoe_recepthyunjoe_recept2hyunjoe_kisshyun and joseph, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day, from start to finish. it was an even greater honor to have the opportunity to be there on your big day on top of it all! happy happy 1st anniversary, and here’s to many many more amazing ones to come.

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