OORAH! USMC ball: san diego, california

OORAH!  USMC ball: san diego, california


yesterday morning i received news that at long last, a good friend – an officer in the marine corps officer, is on his way home after a yearlong deployment in afghanistan. it goes without saying that i was ecstatic. for him, to finally be coming home safe and sound. for his wife and family, to no longer have to worry. and for all the rest of the men and women and their families who will also be ending this long journey.. until the next time anyway.

and after basking in relief and a long moment of thanks, i was inspired to share a little project we did last november for the us marine corps ball here at home in san diego. if anyone deserves a party, it’s our men and women in uniform.. and they should have one thrown every day. or at least once a month. anyone with me on that? at least for the marine corps, every november, it is officially decreed that everyone celebrate with a birthday ball — in this case, celebrating 236 years.


i’m sure you’ll all remember, last year’s marine corps ball(s) all over the country were big in the news due to the attendance of celebrities like justin timberlake and mila kunis. even san diego’s celebration had a brush with fame with the oc’s kristin cavallari accepting a local marine’s invitation!

coordinating the whole affair was none other than the ever-extraordinary brenda swann of swann soirees, and her incredible team. and when she called me up for a little help, i jumped at the chance. i was excited for the opportunity to give back, even in such a small way.

the plan was to name each table for all of the corps’ respective commandants starting with major samuel nicholas (11/28/1775-8/27/1783) who was the first, to general james amos, who currently holds the position. and as such, we created gold backed table signs to honor them all.



i’m forever grateful for all the men and women bravely and selflessly serving our country. and as i said, i know this was a small contribution.. but it was one i was honored to provide. thanks to brenda for allowing me to be a part of an amazing evening, and to nathaniel kam of nathaniel kam photography for sharing all of this stunning imagery.

and to the corps — happy happy (belated) birthday! you make us all proud. OORAH!


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